Today I wanted to install the ‘Android Lockscreen’ application from Cydia. Great app, great substitute of swipe and/or security code, combined. To be able to fully use this lock screen replacement I would have to disable the Auto-lock feature as found in ‘Settings’ – ‘General’ – ‘Auto-lock’. But, to my surprise, the ‘Disable’ option was not there. Only 1-5 minutes. So I tried using the Android Lockscreen with the Auto-lock set to ‘5 minutes’. Result: from 1-5 minutes everything works as planned (Android Lockscreen) but after 5 minutes BOTH Android Lockscreen AND Security code are activated. This is definitely NOT user-friendly and surely not the intention of the superb Android Lockscreen.

After doing some research the absence of the ‘Disable’ option in the Auto-lock settings is due to the presence of an enabled Exchange account. After disabling Push, and disabling calendar, contacts and e-mail synchronisation, the ‘Disable’ option re-appears. But, when selected, and re-enabling the Exchange syncing and Push, it is set back to 5 minutes. No luck so far.

Further research suggests this is a setting on the Exchange-server side. In ‘Device security’ settings of the ‘Mobile services’ configuration there is an option to enforce password-security upon the device. See for more details.
As I have a hosted Exchange solution, I cannot configure the Exchange server itself. However, using the web-admin interface of the Exchange mailboxes and hosted organisations I managed to find an option to disable device password security. However, it WAS already disabled. So no luck there either.

Finally, I noticed in the same thread something about the Apple iPhone Configuration Utility which allows corporate users to deploy configurations to multiple iPhone at once through e-mail. So I downloaded that, created a profile with just the Auto-lock options enabled. E-mailed it to myself, installed it and voila, the ‘Disable’ option is back!

The configuration file I used can be downloaded here. Hope this works for others, too. Please let me know in the comments.

Chief Psychology Officer (CPO)Grey Matters
Mischa is mediapsycholoog en Chief Psychology Officer bij Grey Matters. Mischa gelooft in de waarde van psychologie voor organisaties en marketingactiviteiten en is bedenker van de titel 'Chief Psychology Officer', waar inmiddels meerdere organisaties invulling aan hebben gegeven.

Persuasion godfather dr. Robert Cialdini zie over Mischa: "During a career of researching and teaching the Principles of Persuasion, I have never encountered anyone who understands better than Mischa Coster how they apply and can be effectively used within Social Media."
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