I just returned from the 6th (my 1st) Design for Conversion in Cologne, Germany. What a great experience. All these professionals in different fields of expertise working together on business cases provided bij the sponsors. Creativity, deadlines, storytelling, persuasion, design and group dynamics put together in 3 x 1 hour pressure cooker sessions facilitated by the team captains. Luckily, there were the excellent keynote speakers who provided for inspiration, learnings and entertainment. Martin Kupp, Andy Budd, Dan Lockton and Eric Reiss got the participants thinking, laughing, wondering, standing up and clapping their hands. We finished up with a nice barbeque and afterparty, leaving me physically exhausted but mentally on edge.

Too much to sum up here, I’ve created a Storify version of the #dfc6. Enjoy!

Chief Psychology Officer (CPO)Grey Matters
Mischa is mediapsycholoog en Chief Psychology Officer bij Grey Matters. Mischa gelooft in de waarde van psychologie voor organisaties en marketingactiviteiten en is bedenker van de titel 'Chief Psychology Officer', waar inmiddels meerdere organisaties invulling aan hebben gegeven.

Persuasion godfather dr. Robert Cialdini zie over Mischa: "During a career of researching and teaching the Principles of Persuasion, I have never encountered anyone who understands better than Mischa Coster how they apply and can be effectively used within Social Media."
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